Daylight was peeking through the curtain when Cricket jumped up to see what the weather would be for the picnic.  "Wake up everyone! It's time to get ready for the picnic!  It looks like a beautiful day."
PJ Wigglebee was already awake because his coughing had made it difficult to sleep. "Grampa Henry," he said, "I don't feel good."

"What's wrong little Peej Monkey?" asked Henry.

"Do you think I'm worth it?" asked PJ quietly.

"Of course you are," said Henry. Realizing he had no idea what PJ meant, he quickly asked, "worth what?"

"Am I worth all the money to save me?" asked PJ. "Why would anyone want to help me?"

"Because they can," said Henry.  "You didn't deserve to be left to die in a puppy mill.  You deserve a chance to be a healthy puppy." 

"And because you are the best puppy in the world," added Cricket.  

"I remember when Wigglebus worried that we shouldn't spend money to fix her," smiled Henry.  

"Really?" asked PJ. "Of course she is worth it!  She does so much good in the world."

"And you will too," said Cricket. "Your job is to get well, and to teach people how this happened to you, ok PJ? Now go brush your teeth and ask Dad to get your medicine. We are leaving soon for your big day."

"Ok Mom," said PJ.

"I hate seeing him cough," said Henry. "It reminds me of how sick he really is."

"I know," Cricket agreed. "Sometimes I wish we were rich and none of us had to worry about the money for his surgery."

"We are rich," smiled Henry, "rich in the important things.  We have love, fun, friends, and we have each other."

"Always good to remember," smiled Cricket. 

"Speaking of friends," said Henry, "do you hear what I hear?"

"C'mon you guys, it's time for the picnic!"

"Uncle Kramer!" squealed PJ with delight.

"Can I ride with you over to the picnic?" Kramer asked, (knowing full well the answer would be yes.)

"YAY!" said PJ. "Kramer is going to ride the Wigglebus!"

"If you'll let me," smiled Kramer.

"Thank you for the cookies last night," said Molly pawlitely.

The sheepies piled into their bus.  "Good morning Wiggle!" each one said as they hopped in.

"Good morning," she smiled back.

"Why don't you sleep inside the hotel Wiggle?" asked PJ.

"How are you feeling today, puppy man," she asked in return.

"I'm good now that I see Uncle Kramer," laughed PJ.

"Hmmmm," said Henry in a fake upset voice. "Should I be jealous?"

PJ laughed.  For a little while his mind was off his worries.