"We're here!" announced Kramer, looking out over the crowds of sheepies and their uprights that have gathered for the picnic.  

"I see Grannie Annie!" said Molly.  "She's coming right toward us!"

"Where is PJ?" Grannie Annie called out. "Hurry, we have no time to lose!"

PJ Wigglebee was a little frightened by the urgency in her voice and froze in his seat. PJ always hated to hear: "we have no time to lose," because he knew it was true. They were running out of time to save his life.  

"Hurry," said Cricket. "It's ok. Go see what she wants."
"Thank goodness you are here," said Grannie Annie. "We have important business. It's time for you to tell the world about puppy mills, and why people should never buy puppies on the internet."

"Is it time for the hat contest?" asked PJ. "My hat is still in the Wigglebus."

"Goodness no," said Grannie Annie.  "Not the silly hat contest.  I am talking about the World News.  The tv crew is here and you must help me to tell the world how sick you are, and how sick the other puppies are in those horrible places that sell them on the internet."

PJ Wigglebee had not expected this.  TV! He could tell the world on TV! He thought of his poor mother. If only the world knew sooner. Surely they would not have been tricked by pretty pictures of puppies on the internet. Maybe they would have known better, and his mother would not have died in that horrible place.

"Live in 3 - 2 - 1," said the camera man.

PJ did not know where he found the courage, but soon he was matter-of-factly looking into the camera. 

"My name is PJ Wigglebee. I'm 5 months old. I'm dying because of the terrible way they keep us in puppymills. They don't show you how it really is on the internet. My mother already died. We didn't get enough food or any medicine. Please never give them money. Please, be an angel and help us all."

Grannie Annie explained the right way to get puppies, and the work that rescue does to try to save sick, abandonned and unwanted dogs.  

"That's a rap!" said the camera man. "It will be on the news tonight. Good luck PJ Wigglebee, I hope you make it!"