"Some things cannot be fixed," mused Grampy Bump, "it's a fact of life.  But when there's somethin' wrong an' ya can fix it, well that's just the right thing to do."

"My pa used to say there ain't nuthin' can't be fixed with duct tape," said an old rusty car.

The old heaps guffawed and snuffled.  Time passed very slowly in the field out behind the chop shop. Most days were so quiet they could almost hear their metal rust.  Stuck between salvage and dreams of restoration, the old classics waited on Rust Row,  hoping that someone would buy them and bring them back to their former glory.


"I know something duct tape can't fix," said one of the heaps. "Duct tape can't fix a broken  heart."

"Duct Tape IS a broken heart," said an old bus named Rosie.  "I tried to cheer him up but he keeps thinking he will be rescued by a short bus full of dogs."

"Duct Tape is ALIVE?" asked Grampy Bumps.

"If you call that living," sighed Rosie.  "He just mopes around thinking he's going to be needed again someday.  I myself am perfect for restoration," continued Rosie. "It says so in my ad."


"This is awful," said the Sad Car.  "Who told us that Duct Tape was gone?  Wasn't someone here looking to buy him?"
"This is all my fault," said Snout.  "I'm the one who told the shaggy dog that the bus was gone to the chop shop. I thought they had taken him there. This is a terrible mistake."
"This IS a terrible mistake," said Grampy Bumps.  "But it's still one you can fix with "Duct Tape" --get it?  Fix it with Duct Tape?"

The old heaps chortled, all except for Snout.  He felt really terribe that someone wanted that bus the whole time, and the old bus never knew. 

"I have to tell him," said Snout.  "I have to fix this."

Just then, an old van trailored in. 

"Welcome to Heaven's Waiting Room," said the clunkers. 

"Where am I?" said the new guy. 

"This is Rust Row, and I'm Gramps, this  is Rosie, and Sad Car and that is Snout."

"My name is Hippie," said the old van. 

"Welcome," said Rosie.  "You look perfect for restoration too!"