"Dad, are we going to have enough money to fix me?" asked PJ.

"That is not your worry," said Patrick."Your worry is to get well. The grownups will take care of the rest." 

Patrick had spent the morning going over finances.  He had no way to come up with $7000.00 for PJ's surgery.

"But," insisted PJ. "The President says we are in an ecoNOmoney. Are you sure we can find that much money?"


"The President also said we have to work together and help each other out.  There is always someone who is worse off than we are," said Molly Malone.

"Will we be able to find enough money?" asked PJ.

"I pawmise," said Molly, "it's simple." 

Everyone stopped in surprise to listen to what Molly would say next. In Patrick's mind, it was anything but simple.

"We'll have to have a FUNraiser," smiled Molly. "Maybe an auction!"  We will auction off our valuables to the highest bidder." 

"I have my beautiful necklace from Patrick," said Cricket. "That is valuable.  Would you mind if we auctioned that off Patrick?"

"Whatever it takes," said Patrick, wishing that he was rich so Cricket would not have to give up her beautiful necklace.

"My most valuable pawsession is my special bed made by my dad," said PJ.  "Let's aution that off!

Everyone laughed.

"That's not such a bad idea," said Patrick.  "You don't sleep in it anyway." Still we are a long way from 7000.00.

"I want to have the opawration," said PJ.  "I want to get better and tell the world about puppy mills, just like I pawmised my mother."


"A pawmise is a pawmise," said Cricket, "and a pawmise must be kept. We will keep our pawmise to you, and you must keep your pawmise to your poor mother. For all of us, the time to start is right now!"

"How can I start right now?" asked PJ.  "I'm still sick."

"The Rescue Picnic!" declared Cricket. "You can start teaching people about puppy mills there."

"And we can tell people about our fun-raiser there too!" said Molly. "Pawfect."

Patrick wasn't sure what to make of it all, but he had learned to trust the rescue dust. 

"Time for bed little man," said Patrick.