"Do you really want to auction the bed I made for you?" Patrick asked PJ as he tucked him in for a nap.

"It's the most beautiful bed in the world," yawned PJ. "Maybe it will help to save my life."

Patrick gave PJ a kiss. "There's a lot of love in it, kiddo." 

"Dad," a little voice piped up, "tell me a story?"

"What story would you like?" asked Patrick, smiling.

"Tell me again about the hobo in the woods, the one who told you to follow the rescue dust to find me?"



Patrick told PJ the story about the time he set out with Henry to find the Best Puppy in the World. PJ' loved to hear the part where they shared their lunch sack with a starving hobo. 

"Not just any hobo," said Patrick. "THE Hobo. Hobo T. Bumpkin, the 'T' stands for 'The'!"

"What ever happened to that hobo?" asked PJ Wigglebee. "Is  he still hungry? Can I meet him someday? Can I thank him for helping me?"

"I'm not certain what became of him," said Patrick, thinking back. "Last I knew, the town was trying to kick him out of the woods."

"Why are they kicking him out?," asked PJ. 

"Maybe they are going to fix the trains," thought Patrick. 

"Pawmise we can try to meet him someday?" asked PJ.

Before Patrick could reply, he saw that his little sheepie was fast asleep.

The grownups listenned to Patrick tuck PJ into bed from the next room.

"I wonder why he is so fascinated by the hobo," said Molly.

"I think it is because he knows what it is like to be starving," said Cricket.  "Imagine, such a little puppy knowing that."

"Do you think he will live long enough to keep his pawmise to his mother?" 

"I think our little pup is on a mission," said Cricket. "We need to help him all we can."

"It will be a good distraction from his illness," said Molly.

"We need a way to help him get his message to as many Uprights as pawsible," said Cricket, "he is like a little emergency worker."

"The picnic!" exclaimed Molly.

"The Costume Contest!" smiled Cricket.  "That is the pawfect place to get Upright's attention.

"We can dress up like rescue workers at the rescue picnic," said Molly, catching on to Cricket's idea.

"We can dress up like firemen," smiled Cricket. 


"Kramer's Paw Force Base is next to Dalmatian Station," said Henry.  "I'll ask him if he will pick up some uniforms for us." 

"Chief JB will let us borrow some, I'm sure!" said Cricket.

"There is an antique bobby hat in the attic," said Henry. "I could go as a pawliceman.

"PJ is going to be so excited," laughed Cricket, "I can't wait until we tell him!"

"We have no time to lose!" said Molly, hoping against hope that her little pup would have the chance to get well.

"No time to lose," repeated Cricket thoughtfully.  "That's what Dr.LasteChance said too!"