Patrick and Cricket blew up the inflatable fire truck they brought for their costume set. Henry set up his sign, "STOP PUPPY MILLS" and put on his English Bobby helmet.
"Where is PJ?" asked Henry.

"He was with Grannie Annie and the news crew a few minutes ago," said Molly.

"He's going to miss the hat contest if he doesn't hurry," said Henry.

The truth was PJ was a little lost and a little overwhelmed. When he tried to find his pawrents, there were so many Old English Sheepdogs in so many different costumes, he began to cry. A nice upright picked him up and said, "There, there, little puppy. What seems to be the problem?"

"I'm lost and I am supposed to be in the hat contest," said PJ. "I don't feel very good and I cannot run around like other puppies to find my family. All the grownups look alike!"

"Well then," said the upright, "I'll hold you up high and you can look around."

"Wait!" said PJ. "We need to get my costume out of the Wigglebus!"

"Oh, I know the Wigglebus," said the upright. "Let's get it quick!"

The upright introduced herself to Wigglebus while PJ got his hat.

"Patrick has your coat, PJ," Wiggle told him."Hurry now so you don't miss the judges!"

The nice upright helped PJ put on "his hat. "Did your family dress up like firemen? she asked. "I saw someone inflating a toy fire truck up on the hill just a minute ago."

"Will you take me?" asked PJ, embarrassed that he was out of breath.

"I would be delighted," said the upright. "Let's put on our siren and hurry!"

PJ laughed and held on to the upright for dear life. The hat contest he was so excited about was finally here!

"There you are little man," said Cricket. "Your father and I are trying to figure out how to get these things on." 

Cricket helped PJ put on his fire coat, and they helped Patrick.

"Did they start the judging?" asked PJ.


"Not yet," said Patrick. "Now where did Molly go? She was just here!"

"She went to see where the judges are," said Cricket. "She'll be right back."