Molly rushed back and took her place with the Rescue Crew before the judges arrived.  They wrote something down on their clipboards but didn't say a word.  A crowd of uprights took pictures and then quickly followed the judges to the next contestants.
"Did they like us?" asked PJ. "They didn't even make a smile."

"That's because they are judging," said Patrick.  "You don't find out who won until the end."

"Everyone is a winner," said Molly.  "The point is to have fun."

"But I need to tell the world about puppy mills!" said PJ.  

"Your picture will be all over the internet," said Cricket.  "That will get your message out very fast."

"I hope the uprights will help me," sighed PJ.  

Cricket whispered in Patrick's ear.  "I think our little man is getting tired.  We need to get his medicine soon and he's going to need his nap."

Just then, an announcement came over the loudspeakers.

"Ladies and Gentledogs, may we have your attention?"

"We have our winners for this year's hat contest. Congratulations to everyone.  Will Houston the Viking please come to the judging area? You have won a prize!"

Everyone clapped and hollered for Houston, the handsome Viking. 

"Kramer the Frog Prince, please come to the judging area.  You have won a prize!" Everyone clapped and cheered again.  
Then the last announcement came over the loudspeaker.  "Will the littlest and youngest sheepie please come to the judging area.  You have won a prize!"

PJ perked up from his sleepy mood.  "They like me, the judges like me!" he exclaimed. 

"Go on up PJ, go get your prize from the judges!" said Cricket.