Perhaps it was because Grampy Henry wrote it, whatever the reason, "Midnight Ride of Paw Revere," was PJ's favorite book.

"Uncle Kramer, I'm ready!  Please come read my story!" called PJ Wigglebee.

"Be right in, Puppy Man," called Kramer, who was with the adults, discussing the fundraising plans to save PJ's life.

"I better get in there and read that story," smiled Kramer.

"You are such a good uncle," smiled Molly Malone.



Uncle Kramer cleared his throat."Ready PJ?"

"Ready!" PJ squeaked back. He liked this story the best, but it had some scary parts to it.  "Did you really used to dress up like Paw Revere and tell this story ?"

"Yes, really," smiled Kramer.

"Will you dress up like Paw Revere for me some day?" PJ asked. 

"If you are VERY good, someday," said Kramer, turning to the first page of Henry's book.


"What do we say to start?" asked Kramer with a smile.

"The Old English Are Coming, the Old English Are Coming!" laughed PJ.

He listened closely, but his thoughts were far away.  PJ was thinking of his poor mother.

In his most important voice, and with great drama, Uncle Kramer began:

"Listen my sheepies and you shall hear, 
of the rescue rides of Paw Revere.
In papers, the internet, and shelters all year
are strays, owner turn-ins and dogs filled with fear.

There are puppy mill dogs, starving and thin,
residing in squalor, both outside and in..."


"He said 'The best way to change this situation 
is to use the defense of more education, 
volunteers, team work and every donation.
Best practice will beam for all like a light. 
I'll carry two lanterns on my journey each night.

One for the breeders whose ethics shine true,
and one for the rescue angels like you,
Ready to ride and spread the alarms
about puppy mills, pet stores and farms,
The good breeders and good folks should be up in arms!'

Meanwhile, the strays through alley and street
wander and yearn for something to eat,
as foster homes take in all they can hold,
to keep the sick and unwanted from death and from cold,
suffering with illness  that would not have existed,
if an educated public had only insisted.

Until that day comes, 
Paw Revere rides each night 
and faithfuly carries two precious lights,
with a cry of defiance, and a cry of alarm,
to every puppy mill, pet store and farm.

Until darkness dispells through true education
and maladies are outbred by true dedication.

Borne on the night-wind of our past mistakes,
he reminds us about the needless heartaches
that greed and indifference
have brought to our breed, 
in the hour of ignorance, peril and need,
that people might waken and finally hear, 
the midnight message of Paw Revere."

PJ had fallen fast asleep by the time the famous ballad was finished. Kramer carefully lifted him off the big bed so he wouldn't fall.

He gently tucked him in with his favorite story book under his paw and tiptoed quietly out of the room.

"Be strong my brave little Puppy Man," said Kramer.
"Your biggest battle is yet to come."