"The first picnic food is for Wiggle," said Henry.  "Time for her diesel fuel."

"Thank you Henry," smiled Wiggle.  "It's one of the most important ingredients in a safe trip!"

"And seat belts, and well behaved pawsengers," said Patrick in a fatherly tone.

"The picnic day is finally here, PJ!" said Cricket.

"Is it very far?" asked PJ Wigglebee.

"It's about three hours away," said Molly Malone.  "If you take a nap it won't seem far at all. It's in Connecticut."

"That's where Uncle Mark and Aunt Sue live!" said PJ.

"Maybe you will see them," said Patrick.

"And Sydney too.  He can see my costume!  Tell me again about the Hat Contest?" begged PJ.


"That's when the sheepies get all dressed up in a hat or a costume and get their pictures taken. It's very funny and very cute," said Molly Malone.

"Why do they do it?" asked PJ.

"Are you asking why they dress up?" asked Molly.

"Why do they have a picnic?" said PJ.

"So they can see all their old friends, and give each other support.  It's a big rescue family." Molly answered.


"Do you think they will care about rescuing me?" asked PJ nervously.

"Of course they will," said Cricket. "They will love you."

Everyone agreed that PJ would be loved by everyone at the picnic."

"Even though I am dying?" asked PJ, hanging his head down. "Even though it will cost thousands of dollars to save my life?"

"Of course," smiled Molly Malone.  "Everyone will want to help you."

"Why?" asked PJ who felt guilty that his care would cost so much.

"Because they can," said Henry.  "It's the right thing to do. Besides, you have a mission.  You are going to teach the world about puppy mills, and why people shouldn't be tricked into giving money to those evil places. You are going to make your mother proud."

"Let's sing some songs to help the time go by," suggested Molly, hoping to cheer PJ up.


After many questions, songs and snacks, and three hours of driving, the picnic was in sight.

"Almost there everyone!" exclaimed Wiggle.

"Thank you Wigglebus, for always getting us to our destination, safe and sound." smiled Henry.

"My pleasure," said Wigglebus proudly.  She loved pulling up to the picnic hotel because everyone there knew them and today they would meet the littlest member of the Wigglebus crew.