"Hello everyone," said Colonel Kramer, as he hung up some new coats on the wall. "There, now it looks just like the Fire Station. Fire Chief JB sent these over to you.  He heard you have an impawtant rescue mission coming up!"
"Colonel Kramer, these are PAWFECT!," exclaimed Molly Malone,"and just in time. The Picnic is in two days!"
"PJ, do you know what these are for?"
"Now I can be a FIREMAN," said PJ. "That coat has MY name on it, and it is made of reflecting tape, just like a real fireman!"
"Not just any fireman, PJ," said Cricket, "a RESCUE fireman. You can dress up for the costume contest at the picnic and start to teach people about puppy mills.  You can start to keep your pawmise to your mother the day after tomorrow!"
The grownups shared kibble and talked all day. "How is our little man feeling?" Kramer asked.

"I'm feeling good, thank you Uncle Kramer," said PJ.

"That's great little fella, keep getting stronger. You don't need a coat Henry?" asked Kramer, noticing his name was missing.

"I'm all set, thanks!" said Henry. "I'm going as a Pawliceman!"

"Yeah," said PJ. "Grampy Henry's gonna arrest the puppy mills!"

"Good idea!" smiled Kramer.

"Uncle Kramer," whispered PJ. "Read me a story?"

"When it's your naptime," said Kramer, "if your mom let's me, I'll read it to you then. Which story do you want?"

"Paw Revere!" yelled PJ without hesitation.

"Always, always Paw Revere," laughed Kramer.

"It's my favorite," smiled PJ, "and Grampy Henry wrote it!"

"First, take your medicine little man," smiled Cricket.