"Put on your Sheepie Bonnet, with all the frills upon it,
you'll be the finest Sheepie in the Rescue Parade..."

The rescue sheepies came from near and far to see each other for the annual rescue picnic, to show off their adoptive families, and to stay in touch as one big hairy family. 

Colonel Kramer dressed up like a Frog Prince. He couldn't wait to surprise PJ with his costume, but PJ wasn't around.  "I wonder where he went?" thought Kramer. 
Penny came all the way from Canada, she was dressed up just like a Mountie. She took her place on the grass with all the other sheepies lining up for their favorite game, The Hat Contest. 
Emma 2 and Devon came from "Down East" Maine dressed as a lobster and a fishing lady.
Houston came from New York dressed up like a big strong Viking.  He walked past sheepies dressed in costumes of clowns, a flower, an alligator, princess, practically everything he could imagine.  
Little Koda also came from New York, and she was a little Indian squaw.  She had to balance her delicate feather every so carefully.